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Legal Services

The Law Office of Miriam K. Crespo helps clients with the following legal issues…


We assist clients fight the cancellation of their visas.

Citizenship & Naturalization

We assist clients and their families who are going through or who want to go through the Citizenship and Naturalization processes.


Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals is a program that allows certain people who arrived in the United States as children to lawfully stay as adults.

Detention & Removal Defense

We defend clients who are in detention for immigration-related matters and those who are facing removal from the country.

Family-Based Petition

We assist clients in petitioning for their loved ones and reuniting them with their families.


We assist clients during biometrics appointments, info pass appointments, and any other interactions with the United States Citizenship & Immigration Services.


U-visas are made available to victims of crimes. They help crime victims and their families stay lawfully in the United States with a path toward permanent residence.


The Violence Against Women Act helps women who suffer from domestic violence to find justice in the legal system.


We assist clients in applying for waivers, whether for unlawful presence or any other required to obtain relief.

If you have a DREAM we can help you turn it into reality